Our Healing House
is a division of Rebecca Brown Consulting Inc.

Focus on the impact of trauma on the mind and body. Through education and mindfulness techniques, build resilience and reduce stress, find peace and healing.


Taking you in new directions to achieve optimal health goals in stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, and overall happiness.

Grief & Trauma counselling 

​Dealing with the loss of a loved one is devastating.  Finding a safe space to process grief, loss and trauma helps to support you through grieving to healing.   

resilience  & trauma healing

Health & Wellness Counselling 

~ Clinical options include traditional "talk therapy" and Equine Assisted Therapy
~ Clinic office appointments available for clients who use public transportation
~ Equine Therap​y & Activities take place at farms, transportation required


Helping you achieve your health, resilience

& wellbeing goals in creative ways.

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      Equine Assisted Therapy

​Healing through Horses: 

individual, family & group counselling.

Experience the gentle power of horses to transform emotional responses into new perspectives.  Horses bring out  parts of ourselves in unique and playful ways that cannot be achieved in traditional talk therapy.